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Environmental Responsibility

Green Limousine was built on the philosophy that businesses can do better for our society and environment. Our luxury vehicles are powered by biodiesel, ethanol, and hybrid gasoline-electric engines. Biodiesel and ethanol are non-toxic, completely natural, renewable fuels that dramatically reduce greenhouse gasses, airborne toxins, and pollutants. Biodiesel and ethanol also promote the use of renewable energy and alternatives to fossil fuels, and greatly reduce our carbon footprint. The Green Limousine experience includes local bottled water for our guests (we have also built an extensive organic beer and wine list). Recently we teamed up with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every reservation made through Green Limousine. 


Green Limousine was proudly named the Vail Valley Partnership’s Green Business of the Year in 2007. Green is the way to go. It is the way we are meant to live our lives. We can reduce, reuse, and recycle in our daily lives. We can limit the amount of pesticides in our diets and chemicals in our households. We can live healthier lives. There is no reason why business practices cannot do the same.


Green Limousine provides safe, reliable, luxurious transportation to and from all airports and other destinations in the region, differentiated from other private transportation companies only by our environmental passion and excellent customer service.


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